The Lichfield range -
gives you the strength of steel with the aesthetic qualities of wood

Looking for beds with high durability and traditional style? The Lichfield bed range combines the strength of steel angle and the beauty of wood. Perfect for hotels and universities. The head and foot boards of these beds are available in a range of wood veneer finishes to match your décor.

Lichfield CB501
5 year GUARANTEE on all bedsThe Lichfield CB501 features:
  • Strong angle steel frame construction
  • Head boards and foot boards available in a range of wood veneer finishes
  • Welded mesh platform

Lichfield CB502
Accreditation logosThe Lichfield CB502 features:
  • Strong angle steel frame construction
  • In-fill head board at head end only
  • Welded mesh platform
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Our customers say..
"We needed to ensure that everything was exactly to our specification. Working with Charterbrae was so easy."

Helen Gough,
Bourne Leisure (Butlins)

Beds built to last
  • Strong - the basic bed is formed from a single length of steel angle
  • Quality craftsmanship – our beds are shaped by hand and welded by ‘Black Country’ traditional trained welders
  • British standards - from design through construction and painting, all our beds are made in our own UK factory and conform to British Standard Safety Regulations
  • On time – we deliver from our factory with our own vehicles, ensuring you get your delivery on time every time
  • Guaranteed – we give you a 5 year guarantee on all our beds!
Is this almost what you are looking for, but not quite?

Let us help you find the perfect solution. Many of our beds have a range of platforms and leg options available. Contact us online for more bed options.
If this still doesn’t quite fit the bill we’ll design and build you a bespoke solution. Click here to find our more about our bespoke service.