Secure metal beds ideal for care homes & prison institutions

We have a range of beds built with safety and security in mind.

Cheshire Care Bed
Practical beds for care homes

Looking for beds that are easy to move even when occupied? Need comfortable beds for patients that may spend up to twenty four hours a day in bed? We have developed the Cheshire care bed especially for care homes. While providing comfort for residents the bed has locking castors to provide a safe and secure way to move the bed even when occupied. The steel angle frame gives the bed strength and ensures it will last. In fact we guarantee all our beds for five years.

Harlech CB12
Tough beds designed to withstand heavy use

Do you need tough beds that can withstand heavy wear and tear over a long period? We have a number of heavy duty beds fit for this purpose. These beds are constructed from solid steel angle with welded legs and sleeping platforms. They have no detachable parts making it very difficult to damage them.

Charterbrae beds are currently used in:
  • Care homes
  • Boarding schools
  • Prisons

    5 year GUARANTEE on all beds

Tough, long lasting value for money beds

We’ve been working with steel since the 1960s and we bring that to bear in the solid construction of our beds. We only use single length angle steel for the main frame of our beds ensuring strength and durability. Our beds are built to last so they’re excellent value for money and we guarantee every one of our beds for 5 years.

Quality British beds

At our Tipton, UK factory we design and construct the whole bed from cutting the steel to painting the finished product and delivering it in our own vehicles. We’re so convinced by the quality of our beds we’ll guarantee it! See our 5 year guarantee.

Safety standards

All of our beds are built to the latest British Standard Safety Regulations.

Guaranteed for 5 years

We believe in the quality of our product and as such we give a five year guarantee on all our beds.

Delivery on time

As we control the construction process and delivery using our own vehicles we can guarantee you on time delivery.

Fitting out new accommodation?

Can’t find a bed that fits the size specifications of your rooms? We can tailor beds to the to the specifications of your rooms and install them for you.

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Our customers say..
"We needed to ensure that everything was exactly to our specification. Working with Charterbrae was so easy."

Helen Gough,
Bourne Leisure (Butlins)

5 year GUARANTEE on all beds

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Maximising space with bunk beds

We have a range of bunk beds suitable for dormitories. Click here to see our bunk bed range.

Need new mattresses?

We can provide mattresses for all the beds in our range. For more information on purchasing mattresses please call us on 0121 520 5353 or contact us online.

Let us help you with what you need

To discuss your specific requirements please call us on 0121 520 5353 or contact us online.