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It starts with the finest steel

Charterbrae start with only the finest steel - in angle, tube, flat or mesh form. This basic steel angle arrives in standard packs so the first task is to trim to bed specific lengths by cropping.

The trimmed pieces are then individually bent/shaped, by hand, on specialised machines to retain their angle strength - yet form the required basic bed frameworks. All standard accessories, such as the under-bed storage lockers and the more decorative head mouldings are also fashioned in-house from the same raw steel - as well as all legs, leg joints and the angle connectors necessary in the construction of each Charterbrae bed.

Steel angle, cylinder or box tubing are all reconstructed - using a myriad of specialist dies/clamps/mouldings/connectors that are themselves purpose built for the job.

Charterbrae also make their own mesh platforms. Steel wire is fed from drums to produce lengths of shaped mesh 'spring'.. These shaped pieces can then be 'knitted' into a larger cross-mesh framework, that is itself welded/attached to the base platform, providing a rigid span across the basic rectangular frame.

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Our customers say..
"We needed to ensure that everything was exactly to our specification. Working with Charterbrae was so easy."

Helen Gough,
Bourne Leisure (Butlins)

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